Author: Clinton P. Curry <clintonc@clintoncurry.net>
Date: November 10, 2010

Over the years, I've had many different kinds of sites. Why, I remember my very first web page, hosted on the Mindspring servers, had a trippy background, and had frames. There was probably a guestbook. And who knows what else.

In any case, time moved on. As we've become more advanced as a civilization, everyone has started using Wordpress to have spiffy blogs which are easy to update, automatically have RSS feeds, fancy commenting and backtrack features, and so forth. However, lately I have been increasingly uncomfortable with "big" solutions to problems. If I can't keep it in my head, it already makes me nervous.

They say that the sophistication of a civilization is reflected by the complexity of the technology which it accepts without questioning. While Wordpress and the like are something I can understand on a broad level, I certainly don't know how every part of it works, and if something were to break either with the system itself or with one of the plugins, it would be serious work for me to try to fix it myself. It's not as though I'll be spending a lot of time on this site; it's really just a place for me to put stuff that I think others might possibly be interested in, and I'm sufficiently uninteresting that this does not often occur. This makes the Wordpress machinery (comments, tags, who knows what else) overkill.

Therefore, I have attempted to have the minimum infrastructure for my purposes. Mostly, that's a filesystem to put my html files in. Since I don't like writing HTML by hand, I use DocUtils for that. (In fact, you can see the reStructuredText source here.) Any other special constructs which are needed (for example, mathematics or syntax highlighting) are accomplished with smatterings of javascript where appropriate (MathJax and SyntaxHighlighter so far). This gives a solution which is simple, comprehensible, and without compromise (for me, at least).